The Aviso Self Charging Electric Car

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Many people, in an effort to cut down on gas prices these days, have begun to look into the option of buying electric or hybrid vehicles. While the latter still rely on gas to some extent, they tend to get much higher MPG. On the other hand, the electric car can use gas but primarily uses electricity to get where it needs to go; gas is only used when the car is out of a charge to use. One of the biggest concerns of those considering the purchase of an electric car is having a place to Read more…

Pedal Powered Farms That Save Energy Costs

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Windmills have been providing power to farms for decades. Energy-saving devices such as solar panels can allow a farm to get off the grid. Solar power enables you to generate more electricity than you need. You can sell this extra electricity back to your energy provider. Solar water heaters are also a great way to save energy on your farm. The panels are installed on your roof and provides hot water to your home at no costs other than the cost of the system. Save more energy by using a lawn mower that Read more…

Human Generated Power For Compact Devices

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Harvesting the kinetic and thermal power of the human body in order to power small devices has the potential to provide us with a whole new way to make use of our personal electronics. From watches, phones and other handheld devices that may be able to run on the power your body creates everyday, to new products and technologies that may still be in the development phase, using the natural energy you produce to power your personal devices and electronics has many important benefits. Reducing the demand for conventional batteries that are Read more…

Saving on Energy and Going Green

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Most of these articles have dealt with different products and devices that can help people save energy and money, but a topic we haven’t really touched upon is switching energy providers. If you are doing business with a service that powers your home through the use of fossil fuels and other expensive methods, then you have probably seen your bills steadily climbing.

Some companies blame the rise in utility costs on the dwindling fossil fuels, which is all the more reason to look into green energy. Most energy companies that get their power through clean, renewable methods have perfected their methods to such an extent that you probably wouldn’t even notice a difference – other than the cost of your bill possibly lowering.

Services that utilize renewable energy are starting to crop up all over the country. Popular ones like the kind found on sites like, can not only help you save money, but help save the environment as well. Depending on the rates and if they are, in fact, in your favor, it can be a win-win situation no matter how you slice it.

So if you want to save some green (both in your wallet and in the environment) then go green and look to renewable energy sources to power your home.

How Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Save Money

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Compact fluorescent bulbs can be a great way for businesses and individuals to save money. While compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are more expensive than traditional lighting, they provide significant cost-savings over a long time. The following guide provides simple tips on how CFL bulbs can help one save money.

A CFL bulb uses 80 percent less electricity than a traditional incandescent bulb. In addition, most CFL bulbs can last for up to 10 years. While a CFL bulb does require a significant initial investment, the prices Read more…

Energy Innovations That Save Time and Money

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With the high price of gas, everyone is looking for a way to save money. If you are looking for a way to use energy innovations that save time and money then here are a few that might just help you through your money saving ventures.

The one thing that you can do to save energy is to purchase energy saving appliances that allow you to control the energy that you use. A lot of appliances are now tagged with an Read more…

Energy Saving Devices That Save You Money

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One of the easiest ways to save on energy costs in the home is to replace all of the appliances with energy efficient appliances. Almost all appliances are now made in energy efficient versions like dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioning units, clothing washing machines and dryers. Though these appliances may cost an initial fee to replace they are much more energy efficient which will reduce the bills of running the appliances over time.

Every time an appliance is run in the house it uses up Read more…

Top Common Sense Energy Saving Devices For The Home

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When seeking to reduce energy consumption and energy costs in the home it makes the most sense to start with the appliances and devices that are used on a daily basis. Changing these items will add up to the biggest savings over time because they are used daily. One of the easiest and simplest ways to get started with energy efficiency is to replace all of the light bulbs in the house with energy efficient bulbs. This is Read more…